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Landslide certain: BN 

Daily Express: 1 August 1998   
KOTA KINABALU:The State Barisan Nasional is confident of a landslide victory in the coming State election by bagging at least 32 of  the 48 State Assembly seats up for grabs. 

There is also a possibility of the Assembly size being increased to 64 seats if it wins so that development projects could be carried out more efficiently. 

Sabah Umno Information Chief Datuk Karim Ghani said the confidence is based on an analysis in which all the 24 areas where the majority of voters are Muslim Bumiputera, would back the BN 100 per cent. 

He said eight areas of mixed voters would go to BN as well as the four Chinese majority areas. Four of 12 Kadazan-Dusun-Murut majority areas would also go to BN. 

He told a Press conference at the Sabah Umno office Thursday that while Umno's strength in all the Muslim Bumiputera majority areas is assured, Umno would also deliver its votes to other BN component parties unreservedly wherever they stand. 

During the last election, BN won four seats in the mixed areas - Umno won in Bengkoka and Sugud while the components won the Elopura and Kudat. 

Generally, the distribution of seats is up to the BN leadership, he said. BN now holds 43 of the 48 State seats with Umno having 21, Parti     Demokratik Sabah (PDS) 11, Sabah Progressive Party (SAPP) five, Akar Bersatu three, Parti Bersatu Rakyat Sabah (PBRS) two and MCA one. 

 Opposition PBS has four while the remaining seat is held by an independent. 

Sabah Umno is ready for election anytime with its machinery in tip-top condition, he said. "We are waiting for the word `go'". 

He said as election is getting nearer the people must seriously reflect the State's current situation in which Sabah and the region are facing economic problems. 

"Even with the full support of the Federal Government Sabah is still facing hardship. The people should reflect that without the help of  the Federal Government we will be in a very difficult situation," he said. 

He said claims by PBS and Bersekutu are wild dreams. 

"Sabahans must remember that during PBS time the whole region including West Malaysia and Sarawak were experiencing economic boom except Sabah. 

"PBS cannot deny that during their term Sabah's economy and development went down badly. If anybody thinks that during these
difficult times PBS can develop Sabah better than BN, then it is their wild dream." 

Karim also claimed Bersekutu is facing deep internal problems. "The people do not even know who are the legal leaders of Bersekutu as  there are two groups claiming to be the party's leaders. 

"So in this situation nobody knows who will sign their nomination papers as President or Secretary General of the party during election." 

 On the prospect of increasing seats, he said part of Sabah's problem is due to its vast area with its population making up 11 per cent of the country's total population while Sarawak only eight per cent. 

Karim said Sabah's current 48 YBs find it difficult to service the whole State efficiently. 

He urged Sabahans to give BN a thumping two-third majority win so that when the next election boundaries review is done in 2002/3, BN could increase the constituencies to at least equal that of Sarawak. 

Election boundaries review is held every eight to 10 years. The last time was in 1992-93. 

Karim said PBS would not increase the Assembly size as they are more interested in getting power and adopting a confrontational approach against the Federal Government. 

PBS had two-thirds majority in 1992/3 but yet were not bothered to increase the seats. 

He said Keningau constituency stretches from Penampang to the border of Indonesia while the Silam and Kinabatangan constituencies  were also huge. 

 "That is why the constituencies need to be made smaller so that assemblymen could serve efficiently." 

He said BN also had solved the problems of the illegal immigrants through the regularisation exercise and such problem could only be solved by BN. "PBS failed to solve the problem during their term." 

He said Sabahans enjoyed many developments during BN administration. 

The University Malaysia Sabah, the road linking Kota Kinabalu and Kota Belud, a technical college, a naval base and the Tawau ITM branch campus which is under construction, are among developments which could only be brought by BN.