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'5,000 phantom voters ready' 

The Daily Express: 28th Jan. 1999 

     PENAMPANG: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) said some 5,116 phantom voters are ready to spoil the imminent ninth Sabah State election "but the authorities seem not bothered about it." 

     Its president Datuk Joseph Pairin Kitingan claimed illegal immigrants had registered in the electoral rolls as voters using the names or Identity Card numbers of dead locals. 

     He said citizens' rights were being slowly eroded and this was very dangerous because this meant citizens were no longer important and the rights of the people of Sabah were being undermined. 

     "The implications are very serious, it is undermining citizens rights as well as sovereignty of this country and contradictory to the Malaysia agreement because within the agreement security is supposed to be provided by the Federal Government. The authority 
should take the matter seriously," he told a packed press conference at PBS headquarters here Wednesday. 

     "They are events that show it is being deliberately done or done in such a way that local politicians in the Barisan Nasional had been  hoodwinked or trapped to the extent they no longer can protect or voice the interests of Sabahans," he charged. 

     Pairin also claimed transfer of voters in block without their knowledge or consent had also taken place. 

     "There are also names of people registered in two places," he said, citing the case of Tan Sri Suffian Koroh who was registered as a voter in Keningau and Sook. 

     Pairin called on the Election Commission to tackle the matter because it can be traced within 15 minutes with the availability of 
information technology. 

     "Sabahans may find that their IC number had disappeared from the electoral roll while the fake ones remain." 

     "There are also cases of illegal immigrants convicted in court found in the rolls. 

     "Some Sabahans take eight years to get their IC and register as voters but illegal immigrants names are in the rolls. This is injustice...there are lots of injustices that have to be rectified," Pairin said. 

     He claimed 900 dead peoples' names in Bengkoka are still in the rolls. "In our opinion there is a political conspiracy on phantom voters and this is an organised thing. 

     "We are not looking to see wether the phantom voters are supporters of PBS or not because it is the citizen's rights and the integrity of the country that is very important," he said. 

     He said even the Employees Provident Fund had admitted the existence of 14,000 illegal immigrants having accounts.