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Lujnah Penerangan Dewan Pemuda PAS Sabah. 
 No. 10, Lorong 14, Kg. Sembulan Baru 88100 Kota Kinabalu Sabah.  
 PBS: It is people that matter 

The Daily Express: 28th Jan. 1999
KOTA KINABALU: Parti Bersatu Sabah (PBS) says it is confident of emerging victorious in the coming State election despite the new
electoral boundaries. 

"We do not forsee any problem with the new boundaries because what matters most is the people and not the boundaries," its sec- gen Radin Malleh said. 

He reiterated that PBS would be fielding "high calibre candidates in all the 48 seats".

Radin said the party had enough competent Muslim and non-Muslim leaders to outshine any Barisan Nasional and Bersekutu candidatem in the election espected to be held between now and March 18. 

He said PBS would be fielding the right candidate in every Muslim, Kadazan and Chinese constituency.

"As a multi-racial party, we will be fielding Muslim candidates in constituencies dominated by Muslim voters and non-Muslim candidates in areas dominated by Kadazandusun and Chinese." 

Radin, who is also Tenom MP, said the party has seasoned and respectable leaders representing all races in Sabah. 

"There is need to revive decmocracy in the State and the PBS struggle to protect the rights of the State and its people is here to stay." 

According to him, PBS would perpetuate the concept of multi- racialism and continue to be a caring party for all. 

"Sizeable numbers throught the State including former BN supporters are flocking to PBS. The upsurge indicates that all is not well with
BN," he said.

"Sabahans can no longer tolerate the current situation and are raring for a new government." 

Radin reiterated that peninsula-based political parties like Umno, MCA, MIC and Gerakan should not interfere in the Sabah elections. 

"Malaysians in Sabah should be allowed to determine their own political destiny without undue external interference," he said, adding attempts to do so was tantamount to dominate the State politically. 

"Let the people themselves decide by popular vote which party they would like to rule the State. This is fully in keeping with the democratic principles were are supposed to uphold, and whichever party is returned to power, then that party must be accepted by the Central Government as the popularly-elected Government of the State," he said. 

He claimed PBS could save Sabah from "unjust land alienation, economic distress and gross neglect in terms of development. 

He also warned of the use of forged Identity Cards by illegals and the use of ICs belonging to dead voters by phantom voters to cast their ballots in the election.